Food intolerances can produce many problems and may affect the health of your horse in numerous ways. Most of what you feed your horse will probably contain significant quantities of molasses and syrups, whether from the feed itself, or from chaff, or sugar beet. Molasses and barley, although common feed ingredients, can cause a feed intolerance. When intolerances do build up, it can be difficult to eliminate them from the diet. Individual horse and ponies react differently to intolerances; barley might cause one horse to get excitable, while it might give another a digestive upset. When dealing with intolerances, it is vital to consider the diet as a whole; herbs and supplements may help in the short term, but if a feed ingredient is causing a problem then how can your horse stay healthy? If you think your horse may have a food intolerance, we suggest that firstly you contact your veterinary surgeon.

Sugar & Cereal Intolerance Diet®

Sugar & Cereal Intolerance Diet includes good levels of fibre from unmolassed alfalfa and oat straw chaff and a small amount of micronized peas, linseed, several herbs and yeast to provide a rich natural source of vitamins. Prebiotics and probiotics are included to promote a healthy digestive and immune system.

‘L’ Mix

‘L’ Mix is a chaff based feed that is suitable for those prone to laminitis, with a combined starch and sugar level of only 5.25%. The inclusion of fibre in the form of alfalfa and chaff ensures increased chewing time, which is beneficial for horses or ponies on a restricted diet and can help to maintain a healthy digestive system.