The leisure or novice competition horse can have activity levels from simply schooling and hacking, to competing locally over the summer. Horses such as these, in light & medium work, require more than a low energy mix, but not necessarily a competition feed. It is important to monitor your horse’s behaviour, performance and condition to ensure that as his activity levels change he is still getting the required levels of energy from his diet. It is essential to make sure that your horse does not become overweight or lose condition and a medium energy feed is a great way of providing your horse with everything he needs, without the calories or energy levels of a competition feed.

Cool & Collected®

Cool & Collected® has been specially formulated for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Cool & Collected® is low in starch, which makes it ideal for horses and ponies that tend to become fizzy on traditional lower energy feeds.

Ride & Relax

Ride & Relax is a palatable, light, muesli mix for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Suitable for horses with an intolerance to barley or molasses, Ride & Relax is ideal for horses who tend to get excited on traditional low energy mixes.