Leanne Greatorex
‘L’ Mix - July 2017
Horse: Lola (New Forest)
We have owned Lola since weaned from her dam, rounding her up with her breeder from the forest. To say our journey has been an eventful one is an understatement! She has been a tricky baby from day 1, resulting in an accident which left us questioning if she would ever make the "happy hack" we hoped she would be.

Now 10 years old she is regularly competing in dressage, jumping and cross-country.

She has been fed L-Mix her whole working life, as she is a native she doesn't need much. It always keeps her looking healthy and feeling really well!
Jemima Lacey
Calm & Condition® - Jan 2017
Horse: Annie (Arab x)
First of all I just want to say a HUGE thank you for making such a fantastic feed!

I rescued Annie in April 2016, she was underweight and her coat was dull.

I put her straight on Calm & Condition and not long after she looked like a different horse. She is now full of life, a healthy weight and has the shiniest coat on the yard.

I highly recommend your feed, it's amazing!
Spencer Roe
Calm & Condition® - Jan 2017
Horse: Wonder Why
I have been using Allen & Page feeds for the last seven years and I wouldn’t go back to using anything else. All of my horses are fed on it, including my top horse Wonder Why. My favourite feed is Calm & Condition, as it gives Disney (Wonder Why) the energy he needs to jump at top international level, without getting him over excited.
Charleigh Dela Perrelle
Cool & Collected® - Oct 2015
Horse: Jackson (Irish Cob)
Jackson fights an on-going battle with weight gain and a lack of energy. Allen & Page Area Manager Simone Highmore visited our yard to weigh Jackson on the weighbridge. Simone suggested feeding him Cool & Collected as this would enable Jackson to work with impulsion and have controlled energy without becoming over excited.

Jackson now looks great and has the right amount of energy for us to compete in dressage and showing successfully.
Claire Gairardot
Cool & Collected® - Jan 2017
Horse: Dudley (TB)
I brought Dudley directly from the track to produce for eventing. He was lacking condition and had a slightly anxious temperament. During the stressful time relocating him he lost even more condition and he wasn’t responding well to feeds with a high starch content.

I started him on Fast Fibre and very quickly noticed him becoming more relaxed and able to take on the initial stages of his re-schooling. He was more focused and less reactive, which enabled me to establish my initial work with him. While fed on Fast Fibre his overall condition improved, he filled out and his coat looked great. After several months I changed his feed to Cool and Collected, which gave him the extra energy he then needed, as I had increased his workload and schooling.

I would definitely recommend Allen and Page feeds to anyone looking to develop a feeding programme for an ex- racehorse, it has meant I have now got a horse that is able to cope mentally and physically with his new life outside of racing.
Laura Oughton-Auker
Veteran Vitality® - Sept 2017
Horse: Charlie (New Forest x TB)
‘Just wanted to say thank you for your fabulous feeds, Charlie is my 30 year old New Forest x TB who I have owned for 15 years, he wasn’t in the best condition when we first got him but he has transformed into a shining show pony and is still winning now! Charlie has had a fantastic season so far in 2017; competing at in hand and ridden he has won five championships, two reserve championships, one reserve supreme and two Supremes. Everywhere I go I am asked “what do you feed him?” – Veteran Vitality and that’s it!’
Katherine Cooksley
Fast Fibre® - Jan 2017
Horse: Garnet
“Garnet is my home bred 4 year old which I am aiming to be my next para-dressage horse. He’s always been a fast developer and I wanted a feed which I could rely on to give him everything he needed without over feeding him. He has been on Fast Fibre ever since he was weaned from his Dam and he looks fantastic on it. He is now loving his work and maintaining his condition really well.”
Sophie Miller
Fast Fibre® - Sept 2016
Fast Fibre is great for my very young horses and those in for backing. It keeps them looking well and maintains good gut function without giving them any extra energy.
Felicity Pooley
Fast Fibre® - Nov 2016
Horse: Alfie
“Alfie is a good doer, and has very sensitive skin. Fast Fibre has suited him perfectly. He is also intolerant to sugar, but as Fast Fibre is barley and molasses free, it doesn’t make him silly. He is still out successfully competing in Mountain and Moorland classes as well as Veteran.”
Denise Reynolds
Veteran Light - Feb 2017
Horse: Honey
“I bought Honey as a 4 year old from her breeder, unfortunately she was born with leg deformities. She was put on medication and started to lose a lot of weight and condition. Since ringing for advice from Allen & Page, I have changed her feed to Veteran Light. She is known for being a fussy feeder but she loves Veteran Light. Not only that she has put on weight, looks livelier and her eyes are brighter. A much happier and healthier pony.”
Becky Young
Veteran Light - Oct 2017
Horse: Hilin Sweet William
“William is 22yrs and thrives on his Veteran Light, coming third at this year’s Veteran Nationals in the Supreme In Hand Final. He’s flying the flag for ‘golden oldies’ and still competing in dressage and showing with my daughter.”
Anna Spratt
Cool & Collected® - July 2017
Horse: Lady Comtess
“Since changing Lady Comtess’ feed to Cool & Collected, the transformation has been incredible!
As a young horse Cool & Collected is all she needs to maintain adequate energy levels to compete successfully. Her focus has improved and she is developing a nice top line. She looks and feels fantastic!”
Georgia Norton
Cool & Collected® - May 2017
Horse: Dream Maker
“Wispa is a buzzy horse & can become stressed in new situations such as competitions. She was also difficult to work with, lacking attention and focus. Since changing her feed to Cool & Collected she is like a different horse! She is focused and progressing quickly, and beginning to take new situations in her stride. I couldn't be happier with the way she looks from her weight to the shine on her coat.
Thank you Allen & Page!”
Janis Milford
Cool & Collected® - May 2017
Horse: Halston Hester
“Halston Hester (Hettie) is regularly competing in British Dressage, recently representing Devon with me in the Inter County Challenge. Hettie also excels in showjumping and is currently riding at Preliminary Bronze level and enjoying it very much. She is an amazing horse and extremely lovable. She thrives on Cool & Collected and always looks so well. She takes everything in her stride and is always 100% focused on whatever task you set her to. She really can turn her hoof to anything.”
Katrina Hall
Ride & Relax - May 2017
Horse: King of The Street
“Ride and Relax has helped us so much as it gives us the correct amount of energy needed for the work I am doing with a sensible and sane pony, he’s now at a perfect weight and condition too. We are currently competing at BD medium level and training at advanced medium. He truly loves his work and it's taken a while to find the perfect feed but we have now found it and I truly think it works perfectly.”
Amanda Williams
Ride & Relax - Oct 2016
Horse: Westie
“Westie is currently on a combination of Cool & Collected and Ride & Relax, to give him extra energy as he is quite lazy. This keeps his coat shiny, and maintains his beautiful condition. He has a calmer temperament with a molasses free diet. He is winning in-hand and ridden show classes. Allen & Page feeds are easy to use and he loves them!”
Ellie Brewer
Veteran Vitality® -
Horse: Ballyellen Bella
“This year Bally wintered fantastically, given she is 18 years old! She is naturally very fine and tends to look scrawny coming into spring…however, not this year! Bringing her back into work felt amazing; so full of energy and bubbliness but completely rideable and containable. That ride kept me grinning all week, my golden oldie looked and felt at her best.”
Emma Atkinson
Calm & Condition® -
Horse: Elmo
“ I struggled with Elmo’s weight last winter. I called Allen & Page who recommended Cool & Collected, which he loved. He definitely improved, however once the spring grass had been munched down he started to drop weight again. I reported back to Allen & Page who suggested moving Elmo up to Calm & Condition. He is now maintaining the perfect weight, looks fantastic and remained trainable. Thank you Allen & Page!”
Rhiannon Randall
Calm & Condition® -
Horse: Prince
“After struggling to find a feed for my young Connemara colt, I spoke to Allen & Page Area Manager Simone Highmore in my local feed merchants and she advised Calm & Condition along side Fast Fibre. Since this change in diet he has gained his colt grading with the Sports Pony Society and his Class 1 stallion classification with the British Connemara Society. If anyone asks me for feeding advice for their ponies I always advise on Allen & Page.”
Ryan Page
Power & Performance -
Horse: Colorado P
“Since changing from a traditional diet of sugar beet and rolled barley, to Power & Performance, Colorado P gained 30kg in 5 weeks. He is now successfully competing at 1.40m! He looks amazing and has the right amount of energy without getting silly. Many thanks to Nicola Witty, the Midlands Area Manager, for all her knowledge and support.”
Louisa Spencer
Power & Performance -
Horse: Arnie
“Having previously been fed Calm & Condition, as we moved up to Medium level dressage Arnie lacked the energy needed to successfully complete two tests. Power & Performance was added to his Calm & Condition. It was the perfect combination which could be altered dependant on his workload and didn't cause any silly behaviour.”
Laura Smith
Fast Fibre® -
Horse: Langa Leonardo
“We bought Bear two years ago in the hope to show him, six months later he had his first ever show. Here it was clear he needed more condition. Since then we have fed Bear on Fast Fibre as that really brings out the best of him, and keeps him happy when he is stabled at shows as it takes him a while to eat it! In the last 18 months Bear has really found his feet and has a collection of rosettes to prove that. Thank you to Allen & Page for bringing the best out of him, the results really prove it!”
Philippa Dawson-Coates
Veteran Vitality® - Oct 2018
Horse: Lynarcl The Menace
"Dennis is a very stressy pony when he is away competing, he was loosing a lot of weight, as we have my other pony on Veteran Vitality we thought we would try Dennis on it. Wow what a huge improvement it has made! It has really settled him down and makes his coat look so much better. This year Dennis won the VHS Mountain and Moorland Inhand Supreme Final! Allen & Page Feeds have helped my veterans so much, thank you!"
Lacey Smith
Veteran Vitality® - Nov 2016
Horse: Domino Flashy Lad
"I thought I would share this picture of my 20 year old, Domino Flashy Lad, he qualified for SSADL finals at Olympia this December for the third time. Also on the same day he qualified for RIHS Hickstead 2019 which will be his 16th appearance. Jacob has been fed on Veteran Vitality since he was 15 years old, it keeps him in perfect condition and still beating horses much younger than him."
Ella Stuttard
Fast Fibre® - Oct 2017
Horse: Linbrook Numero Uno (New Forest)
"Linbrook Numero Uno (Teddy) has always looked great fed on Fast Fibre. I feed him this as a low sugar alternative to other types of mash because he is a typical native good doer! He is looking incredibly well and has a very shiny coat."
Charlotte Scott
Fast Fibre® -
Horse: Dan (TBx)
"Dan has now finished his first endurance season, so is now resting ready for next year. He's been fantastic all season! I've managed to maintain him on Fast Fibre, which has been great, as he doesn't tend to drink when we are away, so feeding Fast Fibre really wet has been incredibly beneficial for keeping him hydrated."
Amy Harris
Fast Fibre® - Aug 2017
Horse: Bureside Autumn Mist (Welsh Section B)
"Bureside Autumn Mist (Jessie) is my 20 year old Welsh Section B. Jessie is my pride and joy, Allen & Page feeds keep her looking her best for the show ring - and her results have really shown that."
Marina Harvey
Fast Fibre® - Apr 2018
Horse: (Shetland Pony)
"My veteran Shetland pony is thriving on her Fast Fibre diet. She has dental issues and struggles to eat hay so is fed Fast Fibre in small amounts several times a day. She looks really well and has come through winter looking and feeling fabulous. Thank you!"
Hayley Stevens
Fast Fibre® - June 2017
Horse: (Warmblood)
"My favourite Allen & Page feed is Fast Fibre, it's great for the youngsters. I have often found that a simple high fibre diet that is balanced with essential vitamins and minerals is enough for them to successfully start their showjumping careers."
Cheryl Frith
Veteran Light -
Horse: Ristol Charm & Ristol Corrine (Welsh Section D)
"My two welsh cobs, Ristol Charm (27 years old) and Ristol Corrine (19 years old) have both been fed Veteran Light for the past 18 months. They are extremely good doers and require very little else except ad lib hay. They have both won showing classes recently, with the judges commenting on their fantastic condition. I am so proud of them and the condition they are in, thanks to your feed. I think that finding a suitable feed, fed correctly brings great results but most importantly good general health."
Pat Pomp
Veteran Light - March 2018
Horse: Spellbound Tobias (Shire x American Saddlebred)
"Spellbound Tobias (Tobias) is a 16 year old 17.1hh bay gelding, half shire and half American Saddlebred. We have owned him since he was 3. Over the years Tobias has competed at the various stages of dressage from prelim to Advance Medium. He has even been to the British Dressage Nationals, so I am very proud of him! Tobias is fed on Allen & page Veteran Light and does so well on it, his weight is kept correct and it's wonderful to have the advice from Allen & page on hand."
Shelley Ayling
Veteran Light - Aug 2018
Horse: Henry (Irish Cob)
"Henry is 21 year's old, and has been on your feeds for 11 years (since I have owned him). Competing at Affiliated Dressage, he has received many comments on how he does not look his age. Even after a recent illness where he would hardly eat, the only thing he wanted was his Veteran Light. Thank you Allen & Page for keeping my boy looking so good."
Becca Norris
Ride & Relax - Aug 2018
Horse: Hazelrock Sparkle (Connemara)
"Hazelrock Sparkle is a 148cm Connemara mare who competes in mountain and moorland working hunter pony classes. We are thoroughly pleased with the results we have attained using your feeds. She is a good doer but we found Ride & Relax a perfect feed to keep her relaxed in her training but with enough energy for the longer, more testing courses. Our successful year has been a team effort and we consider yourselves part of our team. Thank you!"
Philippa Dawson-Coates
Veteran Vitality® -
Horse: Aytounhill Midnight Express (Arab x)
"Billy in his younger years was a bit of a diva and always struggled to keep weight on with most feeds adding too much spark to an already explosive pony! After speaking to Allen & Page, they suggested Veteran Vitality, two seasons later and he has won Veteran of the Year 2017. I can say 100%, all our success is due to feeding Veteran Vitality. Billy is living proof that if you get their feed right, dreams do come true."
Hayley Jackson
Calm & Condition® - Oct 2018
Horse: Bywell Beau (TB)
"My thoroughbred began to lose weight as he got older. I contacted Allen & Page and booked for my local area manager, Karen, to come and weigh Beau. I very quickly received a pack after her visit, with clear advice and I was so impressed with a free bag of feed too. I transitioned Beau onto Allen & page Calm and Condition, which he loves! Since being on this, Beau is gaining weight and has a brilliant shine! Beau raced for 12 years and at 19 years old he's still strong, thanks to Allen & Page will be looking good for years to come!"
Georgie Kidner
Power & Performance -
Horse: Thornfield Jones
"Indy is fed Power & Performance and he loves it! Since being on Power and Performance Indy has looked the best ever! He looks like a power house with amazing muscle coverage and top line. His coat shines and he is kept well topped up with vitamins and minerals needed from the feed. It supply's him with the energy he needs for the jumping, but still keeps him focused for the dressage, which is really important for him as he can get a little over excited in the dressage arena."
Charlotte Scott
Fast Fibre® -
Horse: Oakley (ID x TB)
"I brought Oakley as a 2 year old and it became immediately apparent he had some kind of digestive upset. After a process of elimination I found that he was intolerant to barley & molasses. He's fed Fast Fibre, and is having great results, both with weight and muscle development, but also mentally, he can be sharp and spooky, but the Fast Fibre gives him just the right amount of energy."
Ellie Brewer
Fast Fibre® - May 2017
Horse: Aspaja
"Pascha, my homebred 9 y/o is fed on Fast Fibre. She is a very good doer, so Fast Fibre is ideal as I know she is getting a balanced diet even when on restricted grazing. Her coat looks fantastic and she is less 'girthy'. Her 'girthiness' was an initial factor into scouting for a new feed as she has displayed mild gastric ulcer symptoms previously, hence being attracted to Allen & Page's Barley & Molasses Free Range. She also gets a daily handful of Power and Performance, which is increased before competing."
Felicity Pooley
Fast Fibre® - Oct 2016
Horse: Alfie (Welsh Section D)
"Alfie (24 years old) is a good doer and has very sensitive skin. Fast Fibre has suited him perfectly. He is also intolerant to sugar, but as Fast Fibre is barley and molasses free, it doesn't make him silly. He is still out successfully competing in mountain and moorland classes as well as veteran."
Ellie Moore
Fast Fibre® - Feb 2018
Horse: Rosie, Bambi, Angus (Dartmoor, Mini Shetland, Highland)
"Fast Fibre is a feed we have always fed and is perfect for our 3 mountain and moorland ponies as it provides them with the vitamins and minerals they need without letting them become overweight."
Julie Percival
Veteran Light - Sept 2017
Horse: Sam (Irish Sports Horse)
"In 2013, Sam, now aged 18 retired from military duties as he had been diagnosed with navicular and arthritis in both hocks. On advice from Allen & Page's very helpful nutritionists during the challenging summer months I have changed his feed from Fast Fibre to Veteran Light. Sam continues to compete at local shows winning best condition and working hunter classes. Sam is in very good condition, I am grateful for the help and advice given by the Allen & Page nutritionists."
Beth Proctor
Veteran Light - Oct 2018
Horse: Gilbert (Welsh Section D)
"We rehomed Gilbert when he was 22, originally to be a companion pony, he had skin problems and EMS so we needed to find suitable feed. He is extremely fussy, but Gilbert loves Veteran Light. It's easy to make, and has been fantastic during the hot weather for getting extra fluid into him. He looks fantastic and now has a full mane and tail and a super shiny soft coat. He's now 26, he's gone from a sad pony to this year's VHS Supreme M&M and Supreme Diamond Veteran (Ridden). Not bad going for an old companion pony!"
Catherine Boyd
Veteran Light - Oct 2017
Horse: Duchess & Rosie (Hannoverian and Dartmoor)
"Both our 27 year old veteran pony and 15 year old warmblood are thriving on a combination of Fast Fibre and Veteran Light. I couldn't be more pleased with the results I have had for two very different horses on A&P feeds!"
Pat Pomp
Cool & Collected® - Feb 2018
Horse: Spike
"Spike has always been fed Fast Fibre, but as he is very fit now and his workload is harder he moved up to Cool & Collected, plus some Power and Performance before competitions. He is doing amazingly on it and his energy levels have definitely risen!"
Laura Smith
Veteran Vitality® - Sept 2016
Horse: Kinellen Yeoman (Shetland)
"Yoyo bless him turned 30 this year so we did decide to retire him as he wasn't coping well with the travelling to shows, however he is still doing fab and is on Veteran Vitality morning and night. Apart from a few grey hairs, the vet couldn't believe his age! So thank you!"
Jane Harper
Veteran Vitality® - Oct 2018
Horse: Crimewave II (TB)
"I have fed Allen & Page for many years and my horses all thrive on your feed range. My veteran Crimewave II, 21 years old, absolutely loves Veteran Vitality and Calm & Condition and his coat always shines beautifully. People often ask me what products I use to make my horses coats shine and I tell them it all comes from within the Allen & Page feed, keeping Crimewave II in tip top condition all year round."
Elizabeth Johnson
Calm & Condition® -
Horse: Royal Opera (TB)
"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful feeds. When we purchased Royal Opera, he was a bag of bones, with gastric ulcers and serious attitude. A hurdler of Cheltenham Festival ability, he had fallen on hard times through dubious owners. He is now fed on Calm & Condition, and is looking great, with a much improved attitude. He has since been retrained, and can be seen eventing at BE100, he also qualified for the 2018 ROR showing championships."
Lauren Robertson
Calm & Condition® -
Horse: Decorum (German Warmblood)
Calm & Condition has done wonders for Solomon. As a show horse, with a big body to fill, this feed helped us achieve his ideal weight without making him fat or excitable. We now feed Allen & Page to all our horses and they love it as much as we do. It's quick, easy and smells great!"
Michaela Edith McKinder
Calm & Condition® -
"Since being on Calm & Condition all my horses have the perfect balance of initial energy so they are better behaved, and their energy levels are maintained whilst they are competing so they perform better. I wouldn't think of feeding them anything else."
Georgie Bowett
Power & Performance - Nov 2018
Horse: Shaunlaragold (Irish Sports Horse)
"When we brought my 7 year old Irish Sports horse, Shaunlaragold (Newla), she was lacking muscle and energy. I contacted Sarah Bee (Allen & Page area manager) for advice on what to feed her and she suggested Power & Performance. I was worried at first that this may make her fizzy and silly, but this didn't happen at all, it has massively improved her muscle development, weight and stamina for competing. I wouldn't choose any other feed! Newla has come on hugely this year. None of this would have been done without the right feed and advice given from Allen & Page."
Kim Wilson
Power & Performance - Oct 2017
Horse: 21st Century Fox (Cob x Standardbred)
"21st Century Fox is looking better than ever since being fed Power & Performance, his concentration and attitude to work is fantastic. He is now 20 and is still competing at Elementary level dressage. With the correct feeding there are many competitive years left in my veteran."
Georgie Kidner
Power & Performance -
Horse: Dark Diamond III
"Harrie is fed Power & Performance to give her the extra energy needed for competition and is looking fantastic. She has developed so much since being on it, and as she is still growing it helps her to keep developing. I love how I can build up how much she is getting before an event and drop it back down again after, so she is getting the energy levels she needs when competing."