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Cool & Collected®

I have owned Chilli (a 17.1hh thoroughbred ex-racer) for a year. When I first had him, he seemed confident although not necessarily relaxed. However, after a couple of months he began to spook in the indoor school at things he had seen lots of times before.

At this time he was being fed Calm & Condition (as he was a little underweight) and a mix which my other thoroughbred was on. The spooking seemed to increase and although he was good to hack out, I began to watch for things , as did he, that he might spook at. I then emailed Allen & Page and received a prompt reply from Sarah Parkinson whose advice was to try Cool & Collected which is Barley and Molasses Free, thus reducing the amount of sugar and starch in his diet but still giving him slow release energy. Sarah also advised me to look as the chaff he was having as any molasses in that could also be having an undesired effect.

Having changed to molasses free chaff with Cool & Collected I can say that Chilli has started to spook less and his concentrated has improved. His is now getting back to the horse I bought with more confidence.

Lyn Rugg – July 2015

Calm & Condition®

Liz Smith’s Toronto came to me just over a year ago as a big raw leggy 6 year old. We needed a feed that would improve his condition yet keep him level headed and trainable. Liz recommended the Calm & Condition, which he remains on to this day. He has been thriving on this since week one – four feeds a day, even on this amount he remained a civil big gentleman as he progressed up the grades. At only 5’4” it was important to find a feed that would help this 17hh+ horse to work with me and not against me. He has enough energy for his jumping yet stays focused for the testing working hunter tracks. Now on three feeds a day he sparkles in the show ring, not only from his tremendous coat but also his love for work.

I am delighted with his progress and definitely won’t be changing anything as we prepare for his first HOYS.


Kirsty Aird – June 2015

Fast Fibre®

I would like to thank you very much for your help and advice for our Shetland pony Poppet. She is 29 and has liver damage and poor teeth, which means she cannot have hay anymore. I was very worried about what to feed her as I have to consider feeds o help her liver. Your advice was very helpful and gave me more confidence in looking after Poppet. Her main feed is Fast Fibre and she loves it. She is doing so well on it, putting on weight and getting a glossy coat.

She is a very special girl, when she was born she had slightly deformed legs and the vet recommended to put her down, as it was unlikely she would live beyond 5 years. We decided against it and well, she reached 5 years, then 10years no problems at all!

Then at 20 she was rushed into hospital with liver problems and was in intensive care. Initially we were advised that she might not make it, I stayed with her sleeping on a sun lounger in the stable for 2 weeks and she pulled through. On her 21st birthday we had a party for her, it seemed a miracle she had made it to this age.

So here we are 2015, she 29 years old and still going, and if it wasn’t for the expertise of the vets, your advice and Fast Fibre I’m not too sure if she would be as well as she is considering her health problems (also including curshings), she might not even be here at all.

Once again, thank you – keep making Fast Fibre

Janice Bloxham – June 2015

Ride & Relax®

I started using Allen & Page Ride & Relax on my ex racehorse Lord of the Bog 7 years ago. He wouldn’t eat most foods but he just loved this mix which seemed to keep him a lot calmer and soon put on condition. As he did so well on this feed I kept him on it even when he evented and did Houghton 3 day event. Last year he turned into a show horse and won Veteran Racehorse of the year 2014.
Allen & Page is the only brand I trust and now have my new horse on Cool & Collected after speaking to a very helpful nutritionist on the helpline.

Miranda Heynes – May 2015

Fast Fibre®

I have had my horse Spirt a 17yr old, 15hh Connemara x mare for nearly 12 months. She lives out all year round. When the vet came for a routine dental check and rasp she recommended that I change her feed as the chaff I was feeding was getting stuck between her teeth. She recommended Fast Fibre so I gave the Allen & Page team a call.
They advised me that Fast Fibre was the correct choice for Spirit and gave me advice on how to introduce and change the foods over time. I am so pleased with Sprit, her temperament has changed, she has become calmer when leaving her paddock and less ‘nappy’ when out riding, Her mane and tail are growing back beautifully (she was hogged by previous owner and tail cut short) and her coat has an amazing shine, she even has dapples appearing on her neck! I can’t recommend Fast Fibre enough and I am so grateful for the help and advice given by the Allen & Page staff.


Debby Hawkins – May 2015

Veteran Vitality®

I was recommended Veteran Vitality last year at Badminton and can honestly say it’s the best winter my 26yr old has come through.
Her coat is great, not suffered from rainscold and as she has teeth missing I am super chuffed that she’s kept her condition. I would highly recommend Veteran Vitality to anyone asking.

Catherine Westran - May 2015

Calm & Condition®

We have owned our Pony for almost 6 years and have always struggled to keep weight on her as she is such a busy, highly strung mare.
When we decided to attempt to show her we realised that we would have to work hard to improve her condition. She was put onto various weight gaining and top line improving feeds, with weight gaining supplements. She then had to have extra supplements to keep her calm enough for my 10 year old daughter to ride.
I spoke to Gayle Holder as I knew she was an expert in producing show horses. She advised me to put her on the Allen and Page Calm and Condition, and dump all the supplements. I started 2 weeks ago, and can honestly say that I am amazed with the results so far, the weight and muscle gain in such a short amount of time is astonishing, and her coat is blooming. She is bursting with good health, but seems calm and relaxed to ride. I really couldn‘t be happier, her feeds are smaller and she seems to really enjoy them, finishing every last bit, whilst saving me money on all the added supplements I was giving her before.
I am looking forward to carrying on feeding her to see future improvements.
Pauline Turner – April 2015 

Calm & Condition®

Dear Allen & Page
I first got my pony Digger in September 2013, he was the naughtiest pony ever! He was on calmers for over a year too which did help but not as much as Calm & Condition. I started feeding Digger Calm & Condition in January 2015, it began to work in an instant. With Digger being calmer it has helped so much with my confidence when riding , since feeding Digger Calm & Condition he has been taking off calmers as well. His condition has also improved greatly, he has kept his weight on and his coat in really shining. He looks brilliant!
Thank you for making such great feed!


Tara Burnett – April 2015

Calm & Condition®

We bought Penny, a 16hh Thoroughbred mare, last September. Over the winter she became quite skinny and we were struggling to keep weight on her, so I rang Nicola Witty for advice.
She visited us in February, weighed Penny and suggested a feeding routine. We followed this advice and fed Penny 3 times daily on Calm & Condition, when Nicola re-visited in April she was very pleased with the results. Penny had gained about 34kg and looks fantastic.
Thank you for your help and advice. I have recommended Allen & Page to friends without hesitation.

Jayne Findlay – April 2015

Veteran Vitality®

Mill Law is an Advanced Event Stallion and the British Eventing leading sire of 4 – 8 year old 2014. He has always been difficult to feed having never been very keen on hay/haylage and also fussy about hard feed.
In 2010 we decided that we needed to change his feed and on visiting our feed merchant opted for Veteran Vitality. On discovering that this needed to be soaked I really didn’t expect him to eat it, but not only does he tuck into it as never before but he also looks better than he ever has, even though he is now 23 years old. He still only eats a minimal amount of haylage so this can only be attributed to the Veteran Vitality.


Sue Browne – March 2015

Fast Fibre®

I have had the pleasure of owning Alfie since November 2007. The day I went to look at him I will never forget! He appeared at speed into a pen looking wild and terrified. I took him on trial and within a short time I knew I wanted to keep him, he is the kindest horse I have ever met, but was just scared of people and life in general. I spent a few months gaining his trust, before taking him to his first show. In a class of 24 Mountain & Moorland(M&M) ponies he won! Later that day he went on to win the championship too. After that show we had four successful years competing in M&M and Veteran classes, usually being in the top two and winning numerous champion and reserve champion titles.
Then sadly two years ago he suddenly broke out with a severe skin allergy, bringing our showing to a grinding halt. He had allergy screens, blood tests, but nothing was conclusive, he now couldn’t be exercised as he couldn’t wear tack and getting hot made him itchy. He had a nasty laminitic episode, as he gained so much weight. I was at my wits end, so I phoned Allen & Page for some help.
They couldn’t have been more helpful. Someone came out to assess him, he was weighed and a diet plan was put together. His diet was changed to Fast Fibre. I was unaware to how sensitive the breed can be to certain cereals and grasses. 6 weeks later he was reassessed, he had lost 90kg, his coat was shiny once again and it was the best he had looked for two years.
He is now coming back into work for the first time in two years and so far no sores! He is looking great, and can’t believe he is now 20, he doesn’t look it! I’m hoping to get him back out showing again this summer.


Felicity Pooley – March 2015

Veteran Vitality®

Throughout my owning Alfie I have fed Allen & Page, he’s always been a very active horse about to keep weight on.
Of course I am conscious of his age and never want to admit he’s getting older, he had been having trouble with a back tooth which was eventually taken out. But I suddenly looked at Alfie and it shook me, he was looking thin and not well. As we were going to Burghley we made a bee line for the Allen & Page stand, we were recommended to use Veteran Vitality which I bought the same day. I didn’t think I was going to get my old Alfie back to looking really well again, how wrong I was, his photos are proof of this; bright eyed and bushy tailed Alfie! Thank you Allen & Page Veteran Vitality has given me Alfie back!


Jackie Miler – February 2015

Veteran Vitality®

Dear A&P,
Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your fabulous feeds. I work as a professional groom with 11 horses in my care, everything from a 9 month old Dartmoor colt, to heavyweight hunters and my own 28 year old ‘Charlie’. I got into feeding A&P some years ago having owned Charlie for 14 years now.
My parents bought him from a local riding school as he was deemed unsuitable. I was 12, he was 15 and stubborn. My parents said he was all I was getting and that was that! By chance I found that’s Charlie rather enjoyed showing a year or so after owning him, so I began to research feed etc. Charlie transformed from your average bay to a shining show pony, winning countless championships, even at county level.
At 28 Charlie still enjoys the occasional day with the West Norfolk Foxhounds, regular hacks and goes to our local showjumping. Everywhere he goes I am asked “what do you feed him?” – Veteran Vitality and that’s it!

Laura Oughton-Auker – February 2015

Veteran Vitality®

My horse is now 20yrs old, we have had him for 11 years. He is a Irish Draft x Tb, very quirky so I have a problem with feeds.
This year he started to lose weight and get very tucked up. A friend recommended Allen & Page Calm & Condition, but having sort your advice I put him on Veteran Vitality. 3 weeks later her is cantering around the woodland, working 5 days a week! He is shining and very happy.
Thank you so much for this product, I recommend this to all older horses, it brings back their va va voom!

Elizabeth Madaren – December 2014

Calm & Condition®

I began using Calm & Condition 12 months ago after struggling to keep weight on my maxi cob. His workload was increasing and his other feed just didn’t provide enough. I swapped to this feed after speaking to the helpline. As an added bonus this feed is a soaked feed so eliminated the issue of my horse bolting his feed. He loved the Calm & Condition from the first bucket. He is schooled 4-5 times a week and hacked 1-2 times and his condition/weight has been maintained throughout the year on this feed. His energy levels are perfect, not sluggish and not fizzy either. I would highly recommend this feed.

Alex Meakin – November 2014

Veteran Vitality®

Our Shetland pony Dolly had lost a lot of condition, she looked dreadful! We had tried all of the usual methods to try to put some weight on her using boiled barley and many other feeds that promised to promote weight gain, all to no avail. Dolly is in her late 30’s possibly early 40’s we are not sure as she was a rescue pony. We decided to get her teeth checked and had it confirmed that she has very few teeth left and was possibly struggling with grass too! We started using Veteran Vitality and Fast Fibre straight away. Dolly loves the wet food and ate with great gusto! Within 4/5 week we could see a complete different, happy, chubby Shetland pony that will not struggle this winter! Thank you Allen & Page.

Natalie Freeman – October 2014

Veteran Vitality®

We have a 13.2hh Welsh Section B pony who at 33 years old struggles to gain and maintain weight. His teeth are very worn, many are missing so he is unable to chew and digest food/ hay easily. A friend recommended your Veteran Vitality as it was easily soaked but Bobby being the fussy eater he also is (refused many other products/supplements) I was dubious to say the least!
But as we are fast approaching winter I really thought I should give it a trym and I am so glad I did. I have never seen him clean his bucket like he does now and his weight is hugely improved. It is a great feed to work with, with its quick soak time and the difference we have seen in our pony’s condition and that’s after only 2 bags used! Thank you.

Louisa Lawson – October 2014

Veteran Vitality®

My mare who I have had since birth and is now 21 years old started to get intestinal blockage. She had to be tubed through the nose inside her three times in as many months. I t is not a pleasant procedure. Also the lining of her intestines was coming away in her droppings. Agreement of euthanasia was made with the vet should it happen again. In desperation I contacted a friend to ask what feed she was using for her 32 year old horse, it was Veteran Vitality. I purchased some for my mare, she has thrived since and to date has had no further intestinal problems. Do not change the recipe – it works!

Christina Denton-Powell – October 2014

Cool & Collected®

My gelding Chief has always been very strong and forward going when ridden, when jumping or riding in company and he has been known to get hot headed and over excited. Since changing his diet, earlier this year to Cool & Collected, Fast Fibre and Chaff his attitude to jumping and fast work has improved vastly.
We hack several times a week over large distances and have taken part in 5 cross country sponsored rides this year. Chief still has plenty of energy but we are both able to concentrate on enjoying a more relaxed ride, rather than me worrying about him getting over excited and out of control. Chief has been jumping clear on most of the cross country sponsored rides including completed all 30 jumps at the Windsor ride in September!

Chloe Byrne – September 2014

Cool & Collected®

In April 2013 my thoroughbred Mary had lost a lot of weight due to the long winter we had, so I sort nutritional help from Allen & Page. Annie came to do a weigh check in April 2013 and Mary weighed a mere 394kg, this was the one and only time I ever considered giving her up since owning Mary in Fed 2012. Annie was a tower of strength and calmed me down. She went through all the details and we put Mary on a very high calorie, low sugar diet (Calm & Condition and Alfalfa oil). I could not believe the weight that my beautiful mare started gaining. Annie was invaluable and if I needed to contact her anytime it was fine. Annie revisited in October 2013 and Mary had gone from 394kg to 508kg in just 6 months, which was an astonishing amount of gain in such a short time. Her praise was great to hear and has given me a real confidence boost. I could not have done it without Annie’s help. Mary in now switched to Cool & Collected with no Alfalfa oil and when she was weighed again in July 2014 my Mary was 528kg. Thank you.

Carol Crane – July 2014

Cool & Collected®

After taking advice from Allen & Page on my pony’s condition I have now continued to use Cool & Collected. The transformation of my pony has been so considerable we contemplated returning her 2 years ago but now we are still doing some county shows and light pony club work at now 30 years young!
Her overall condition and wellbeing is amazing, Cool & Collected gave her the progressive condition she needed through the winter and she kept the condition. This is a pony who has taught so many children to ride and deserves the very best and having found it we won’t be changing anything. My other 4 ponies also are fed Allen & Page Veteran Vitality
Thank you so much

Sarah Johnson – July 2014

Fast Fibre®

I contacted A&P when my pony became a bit flat despite nothing obvious changing, she also seemed more hungry than normal. My pony is a 14.1hh, 16 year old New Forest cross who has had a bout of laminitic in the past and does tend to get cresty very quickly on good grass, she is therefore kept on poor pasture and her weight strictly monitored.
As she had not lost weight my first thought was to put her on an expensive feed balancer in case she was lacking something. Looking at the A&P website they seemed to have a number of feeds that offered condition without fizz, but I didn’t think I needed condition and I did want a bit of fizz!
I sent an email. Emma responded to say that Fast Fibre would be good for her and she would have all her vitamins and minerals as well as hopefully more energy but without the risk of having too much sugar.
Within two weeks I had a different pony, she was happier, fuller and much more energetic. The most important thing for me is knowing I am giving her everything she needs without risking her health.
Also Fast Fibre is so quick to soak you can make it up fresh for each feed so there is no worry of it going off in the heat.
Thank you

Josephine Tibbles – July 2014

Power & Performance®

I used to struggle to get weight on my ex-racehorse King’s Silver. He was quite a handful at events and often got over excited in the dressage arena. Since switching to Allen & Page Power & Performance he has physically blossomed and mentally grown up. His dressage scores have improved so much we have moved up from Novice, to scoring our first points at Advanced Medium in less than a year.
King’s Silver has now moved on to Power & Performance which keeps him on top form and gives him the muscle strength to perform the higher movements.

Mrs Rowan van Houben – June 2014

Veteran Vitality®

We have a 22yr old Section B gelding, he never winters very well even though he is stalled at night. My daughter did a course in nutrition and suggested we try your Veteran feed, he had already started to go downhill. We put him on Veteran Vitality and six weeks later we noticed a big change in him; he looked brighter and fitter, he ate all his hay which he hadn’t been doing in fact he was better all round. Imagine our delight when the farrier said how good he looked and even the vet commented as well. Also, the owner of the yard has since put her veteran on Veteran Vitality too!

Carol Ann Smith – June 2014

Fast Fibre®

I am the proud owner of a 26 year old Section D Welsh Cob. Lat year I noticed she has problems with her teeth when eating and my trusty equine dentist, diagnosed the reason. Two of her back molars had collapsed inwards. Her rapid weight loss over the last winter prompted me to contact the Veteran Horse Society who were brilliant in advising me to try a product they had been trailing this April. They even were able to advice that my local feed merchant stocked it.
As soon as I could, I bought the Allen & Page Fast Fibre and their Veteran Vitality and started feeding Claire twice a day (having weighed her first). The change in her body in just three weeks is nothing short of miraculous. From a starving greyhound silhouette into the now young looking, rounded pony I used to know and now continues to give me a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, not the despair I had a month before.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Helen Reynolds - May 2014

Fast Fibre®

I bought my horse Spygun, an ex-racehorse, in April 2013. When I first saw him he had bald patches on his head and neck and was very aggressive, his appearance was skinny and solemn looking. I knew I needed to take him home and get him to good health.
I couldn’t groom him or put a gerth around his belly as it was causing him discomfort.
Our nutritionist Annie Hughes, who has turned around our other TB, came to assess Spygun, I was going to contact my vet about Spy’s condition but Annie suggested changing his diet first from what he was previously being fed, and see how he goes.
From the day I changed his feed up until now the transformation has been amazing. Annie put him on Fast Fibre and Veteran Vitality and as a result from this his fur has grown back, is incredibly shiny and he has gained weight. I am now able to groom him without any problems. He is now a very happy and healthy horse. Thank you Annie.

Angela Dear & Les Plaster January 2014

Power & Performance®

Since changing to Allen & Page Power & Performance our homebred show jumping pony Braveheart is much more content within himself. He is coping with the pressure of big days in his stride including jumping the only double clear to win the Scottish Branch JC indoor Championship at SNEC.
We believe this is because Allen & Page Power & Performance keeps him well hydrated and provides him with all the energy, nutrients and trace elements for top competition performance.


Karen Dunlop – January 2014

Calm & Condition®

When I purchased Diamond in April 2013, she was quite ribby so needed to put on some weight. A horse on my yard was using Calm & Condition, so I knew that it was good.

After being on Calm & Condition for a month, Diamond was a lot brighter in herself and her coat had started to shine. She had also put on weight so you could no longer see her ribs.

I always recommend it to people with an underweight horse like my mare. She has been shown this year and has done very well. Now turned away till Spring 2014 which I am looking forward to. She is an amazing horse who has been through a lot, but now she think she's eating at the Ritz!

Jill Rhoden and Diamond - November 2013

Calm & Condition®

I am so glad I rang and asked for your advice. I have had my horse Tico since he was 4 and he has always been quite an anxious and tense horse when schooling, hacking and competing. It was as if he was running on adrenaline all the time! Because of this, I always had to be very selective of he competition venues I chose for him and did not feel confident taking him to championship shows.

Over the years, we have tried many different management and feeding regimes to try and relax this very kind and talented horse with various degrees of success.

Due to my health, Tico was laid off for two years, but earlier this year I had improved enough to ride again. I needed Tico to gain topline whilst his muscles rebuilt but knew if I fed him traditional conditioning feed he would become too excited and anxious. I had used your feeds successfully before for a very different horse, but thought that I would try Calm & Condition with Tico.

Tico has been back in work for three months now. Whilst the conditioning effect has been slower than other products, the effect on his anxiety levels is remarkable. I have been able to hack him out without feeling his heart racing and his school work is much more relaxed.

We have been to several competitions and his concentration is so much better. He has easily qualified for the regionals and my health allowing, I feel as if I could take him. Interestingly, he is now competing and winning at our local venue which he used to find very scary!

Karen Jones and Tico - November 2013

Cool & Collected®

I purchased Taz earlier this year, he's a 12 year old cob who showed promise of being a really lovely horse, but I knew he had feed related problems which everyone said was just 'cob like'. It soon became obvious, that it was more than just his nature.

I cut out all treats, but that did little so I reasearched on the internet for help. The Allen & Page website proved to be the most useful and informative.

I thought that I would try Cool & Collected and Allen & Page suggested I fed a high fibre chaff as well - I gave it a month.

To say he is a changed character is an understatement! He now waits patiently for his feed, is content and enjoys cuddles while eating. His coat has changed, he glistens now and even has dapples!

He's still a cob, but one that is a joy to be around. My daughter has a top quality show hunter who has worked hard all year and is now home to rest. She has seen the difference in Taz and has started her horse on it too!

Thank you Allen & Page!

Dee Curl and Taz - November 2013

Calm & Condition®

I bought Nemo in October 2012. He was extremely skinny, had a dull coat and showed no personality. He wouldn't eat and was very fussy with grass and haylage. A few months pass, and he did put a little bit of weight on but it was very slow.

A friend told me about Allen & Page's Calm & Condition. I gave it to him, and for the first time he licked the bowl clean! Within two weeks he was gaining condition and sticking his head over the door.

A year later, and he looks great - shiny coat and bright eyes. He has become the happiest, cuddliest horse on the yard with a huge personality. We are now preparing for the eventing season next year.

Thanks guys!

Fiona FitzGibbon and Nemo - October 2013

Calm & Condition®

My lovely 25 year old gelding is thriving on Calm & Condition. His coat is fantastic and he moves as free as ever.

Sue Wallis and Tristan - September 2013

Power & Performance®

"This time last year we contacted our local area rep for Allen & Page - Anna Hughes, and were in desperate need of help. Our best pony Bobby was just in the middle of jumping his Blue Chip Newcomers Second Round (HOYs qualifiers) when he was loosing energy and didn't have enough stamina, even though I was riding him everyday and he was being lunged and put on the horse walker etc. We couldn't understand why this was happening until Anna told us he was on the wrong feed and suggested that we try Allen & Page's Power & Performance. Since then, we have never looked back! He qualified for Horse of the Year Show last year and again this year, winning the qualifier. Not only is he going well, but he feels super and has a very shiny coat. He is back to that cheeky, chirpy character again that just wants to play all day. He feels so happy in himself!"

Ellie Archdeacon and Greenacres Bobby - July 2013

Fast Fibre® and Cool & Collected®

I decided to take some advice from my local area rep for Allen & Page last year, as my horse Ned was piling on the weight and suffered from itchiness and had a dull coat.

I was recommended Fast Fibre and Cool & Collected, now Ned's coat shines again! He is a healthy happy horse once more, and his figure has benefitted from Cool & Collected. He has a much more controlled energy , and now he has put on muscle definition and topline too!

Ella Clayton and Ned - July 2013

Fast Fibre® and Ride & Relax®

When I bought Casper, he was slightly lean and had a dull coat. He was very tense and nervous, but nobody knew much about his history. I wanted to put him on a completely molasses free diet so that I knew his nervous behaviour could not be blamed on what he was fed.

We changed our feeds to Fast Fibre and Ride & Relax and soon after, he started to put on weight and his coat had a nice shine. Although he is still 'jumpy', his whole demeanor has changed. He seems a much happier and relaxed pony.

Four months after buying him and on Allen & Page feeds, I took him to a local show where he won the in hand class and was placed 6th in dressage. Thank you!

Rachel Walker and Gamble on Gold - June 2013

Fast Fibre®

I contacted Allen & Page for feeding advice as I was in utter dispair! My veteran pony was diagnosed with liver disease in 2010, he used to be a good doer but after the liver damage I was struggling to keep weight on him and he looked dull, poor and he was lethargic. The nutritionist advised me to try Fast Fibre as it was low in protein and oil so easy on his liver, but it also has essential vitamins and minerals. I was also impressed to discover that it contained a prebiotic. I had been so close to loosing him as I could not bear his sad face and loss of condition. Now, he is shiney, bright and looks like the old Jack. I have my bay back!

Tanya Hodgkiss and Jack - June 2013

Fast Fibre®

When we bought our pony Ringo in April 2012 he was in poor condition. After blood tests by the vet, liver damage was found. My daughter and I researched into the condition and also spoke to the fantastic advisors at Allen & Page who recommended Fast Fibre as it is low in oil and protein. I also bought Pegasus Milk Thistle. Ringo had the all clear in July 2012 and we cannot praise the combination of Fast Fibre and Milk Thistle and the wonderful Allen & Page staff enough!

Jennie Atkinson and Ringo - June 2013

Fast Fibre®

Last year, my 28 year old Arab was very thin and so weak she kept falling over in the field. After a visit from a new dentist I was told that Emma had very bad teeth (which I had not been aware of) and she suggested that I try Fast Fibre instead and to not feed hay.

A week after changing Emma's feed, she had put weight on and was enjoying life again. She returned as her cheeky old self. Thank you Allen & Page!

Louisa Shorney and Emma - May 2013

Calm & Condition® and Veteran Vitality®

I phoned Allen & Page about Christmas time last year with concerns about my 20 year old broodmare Muffin. Muffin had not been doing well all year, even after weaning her foal early. Two months later, after no improvement and a worrying body condition score of 1-1.5 we decided to get some advice from A&P.

We were advised to put her on 1 scoop of Calm & Condition, and 1 scoop of Veteran Vitality. The results were amazing, and easily visable within two weeks of changing feed her B.C.S was up to 2 and by mid February a perfect 3.

We have now reduced the amounts of feed. I should point out that my mare is an extremely fussy eater, but she has never turned her nose up at an Allen & Page feed.

I cannot thank Allen & Page enough for not only wonderful advice, but also for these two amazing products, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much.

Caroline Bellamy and Priory Partytime (Muffin) - March 2013

Calm & Condition®

I cannot recommend your products enough! I feed my horse Calm & Condition and everyone who knows him says that he has never come through a winter so well! I have noticed his attitude to work, he is certainly calmer and seems to look forward to his saddle going on now!

Karen Wilbraham and Go Boy Go (Goby) - March 2013

Calm & Condition®

A year ago, my much loved Anglo Arab 'Red', at the age of 28 started to look thin, ribby and quite depressed even though I was feeding him his usual twice a day hard feed plus haylage.

I mentioned to my feed merchant Jackie that I was desperate to find something to help put some weight on him, and for him to enjoy his feed again as he was only picking at it. She suggested that I should try Calm & Condition, and from the first bag, we have never looked back!

He loves it and licks his bowl clean at every meal, and woe betide me if I'm late at feed time! I now have a spritely 29 year old who is happily hacking out twice a week.

Thank you Allen & Page!

Val Andrews and Red - March 2013

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