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Feeding Articles

This section contains a comprehensive selection of articles covering common feeding queries, issues and conditions. A good understanding of common conditions like Laminitis and colic can help to prevent your horse from contracting these upsetting and stressful disorders. Our Nutritional Team are always on hand to help if you have any questions on any feeding topic at all and are happy to discuss your individual horses requirements. You can write to them at or call the Helpline on 01362 822 902.


Be Competition Ready

We all want our horses to feel in top condition and happy in themselves and as the work increases in preparation for competing it is important that our horses continue to feel that way. Back, teeth and tack are all on our list to be checked but is a feeding plan on yours?

It is important to ensure your horse’s diet is meeting his energy requirements and is suited to his type, health and temperament, whether you are simply hacking or aiming to take part in high level competition. In the early stages of your fitness programme fibre sources such as hay or haylage should make up the majority of the diet and quite often a low energy feed is all that is required, however as your horse’s workload and energy requirements increase so will the need for extra energy in the diet.

Choosing the best feed for your horse can be a tricky business, the type of work he will be doing will dictate the type of energy he needs (fast release energy, slow release energy or a combination of both). But it is also important to take into consideration his temperament, as a naturally forward going horse is unlikely to need the same feed as a horse with a more laid back disposition. A feed which is low in starch and sugar and contains energy sources from fibre and oils such as Calm & Condition is more suited to those who are more likely to be excitable, as it provides plenty of slow release energy which helps to contain energetic behaviour. For horses which are more laid back and/or have a high demand for energy, Power & Performance combines high energy ingredients with lower starch and sugar levels which allows horses to work hard but also to maintain focus.

Emily Ryder & Zippo

With the help of our ‘Competition Feeding' article, we hope choosing a feed which will suit your horse’s needs as the competition season begins will be at least a little easier.

If you would like feeding advice or have any questions about feeding your horse for competition please contact our friendly Nutrition Team, call 01362 822 902 or email


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